What is a Winner or Loser?

A favorite insult is to call someone you’re not impressed with or want to ridicule a “loser.”

What is a loser?

Let’s assume it’s accurate.

What are you losing if you’re a “loser?”

Not being a loser to most people must simply mean the attainment of money and the purchase of things. Things purchased are proof you’re not a loser. In other words, you’re so insecure a person, the mere purchase of things will convince you you’re not a loser.

But if you are, what have you lost?

Is life a win-or-lose proposition like a football game with a time clock that declares one team (or in this case one person) better than the other?

Let’s say I’m a loser, and you’re a winner.

We both get up drowsy with sleep in our eyes and stagger to the bathroom and go poop. We have our coffee. Yours’ is a bigger coffee maker because you are a winner. We put our pants on one leg at a time. You spent more money on your pants because you’re a winner. But mine cover my butt just as good.

We go out to our cars. Yours’ is newer because you’re a winner. But mine gets me where I want to go also. We both pollute the air that is killing honey bees.

We both fight our way down the freeway locked in traffic. Nevertheless, you’re a winner.

We both reach our jobs. Yours’ is more important because you’re a winner. You earn more money than I, the loser. But you also have more stress because nine times out of ten, more money and more responsibility means more stress, and more to lose, for you the winner, if anything goes wrong.

Therefore, you’re working on an earlier heart attack than I, the loser.

After a day of shuffling papers, we both return up the freeway in the opposite direction that we came, to our wives. My wife loves me. She must because she’s still married to me, the loser. You are a winner, so it’s unclear if your wife loves you or partly because of the bigger things you buy. If you were to lose, it’s also unclear how deep her love would be.

We both eat dinner, belch and watch TV. Yours’ is a big screen because you’re a winner. I watch the same show and don’t notice my screen is smaller.

We both take showers before going to bed. Yours’ is bigger because you are a winner. Mine gets me, the loser, just as wet.

If it’s Friday night and nobody has a headache, we both have sex with our wives. This is a great equalizer. There is no purchase of anything (including sex aid toys) that can signify without a doubt winning or losing here.

We both nod off to sleep dreaming of glory and winning. Your dreams are more focused on keeping what you have, though materially, since you’re a winner, you can never have enough material possessions. Since I have less, my dreams are also about having more. But ironically, I, a loser, since I have less to lose, can’t be as big a potential loser as the winner, who has more to lose if something goes wrong.

Though I’m perhaps not intelligent enough to understand what Ghandi understood, I will be better off in many ways if I remain a loser.

We both grow old and die. In the end, everybody loses life. We are buried in similar boxes, you the winner, and I the loser. We don’t take anything we own with us. We are both buried without our shoes, just wearing socks. We only need six feet of earth.

You win.

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  1. Chloe Davies says:

    i just thought that married life is the happiest point of my life.,~*

  2. married life is a bit exciting but you will have lots of responsibilities.~:;

  3. married life is the happiest part of a persons life if the wife and husband really love each other**~

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