What Does a Man Want from a Woman?


       Author’s note. I asked Maureen Valdes Marsh, a columnist at Vintagegrace.com, to write a column on what a woman wants from a man. I answered the same question in reverse, what does a man want from a woman? Below are the two different responses.

       We did not compare notes or ideas in writing these.


       What does a man want from a woman?


       I can’t speak for other men, but I know what I like.

       A woman who will defend me when I’ve been wronged by someone, like I’m the only man in the world.

       A woman who will act interested when I bring up a subject of importance to me, like ancient Egyptian or Greek tomb hieroglyphics


(I‘ve been to Delphi), not yawn and turn the TV channel to the home makeover show.

       What else?

       A woman who goes about sexual encounters like a master painting a masterpiece, with imagination and fervor, and magic manic concentration, including the donning of Frederick’s of Hollywood black lace negligees.

       A woman who will rig up an X-rated trapeze set over the bed.


       This may be a little far out. But you get the point. In other words, a love to make all others seem cold.

       Is it too much to ask? A little imagination?

       I think not.

       Boredom is the first deadly sin.

       A woman who regards my gargantuan physical gifts in the same league with heroes of the past such as Tarzan, or Paul Bunyan (woe be to the couple who act like sex is just a tired, obligatory favor to be gotten over with, or even worse, ignored, and who behave like two inert lumps).

       You only go around once in this life. It should be done with flair.

       A woman who will wear a daring, but tasteful, V-cut red velvet dress at an awards banquet (with me in a tux) and make everyone gasp, the men from envy, the women from jealousy.

       A woman who thinks the worst thing in the world is for two people to get so comfortable with each other they’re like two smooth old shoes in the closet (they even begin to look like each other).

       A woman who’s got a sharp wit.

       A woman who will march into the office where I work and demand a raise from my boss, the raise earlier refused me after I asked. I want her to angrily tell the boss to his face I deserve more than the cheapskate pittance I’m getting, how I’m worth five times that.

       Most of all, I like a woman to share my hopes. The kind of person who is convinced of my uniqueness in the world, that I have something to offer, that I’m not just someone who needs to be chastised downward into his insignificant imagined proper place.

       There are plenty of people around who want to view you that way.

       I like a woman with whom I can share the secrets of my soul, and with whom I can sing, laugh, and if need be, sometimes cry.




3 Responses to “What Does a Man Want from a Woman?”

  1. Myesha says:

    I really enjoyed reading what you want from a women. I ready for marriage. So I’m study what men want from men..It’s so informative.


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