Viva Las Vegas

VegasPoor Obama. Who would want such a job? He makes an innocent statement that college kids shouldn’t spend their tuition money on gambling in Las Vegas and the governor of Nevada and state officials who are conservatives blast him for being anti-Silver State. For hurting the state’s economy.

Even go-with-the-wind Democrat Harry Reid joined in the criticism.

Because no-good thieving bastards led originally by a gangster-back shooter named Bugsy Siegel created a neon whorehouse out in the desert where it shouldn’t be, an abomination that exists on water and power it doesn’t have, a monument to fake glitter and greed and snarled traffic amid false-front lit-up tacky recreations of the Eiffel Tower and the Egyptian Sphinx, where excess, gambling away money you haven’t saved, and consuming alcohol to blur your mind so you’ll gamble more, and put calories on your already obese belly is a virtue, amid overpriced or cheap hotel rooms and blowing sand, trash, tumbleweeds and throw-away periodicals advertising the services of call girls from the Philippines.
Where millions of air conditioners draining the Colorado River ward off the 100 plus degree heat and where shots, screams in the night and the wail of police sirens and ambulances amid the man-made concrete canyons of greed over the smog wafting among the dunes has replaced the former shrill lone cry of the coyote.

Where vagabonds and derelicts gather and dazed lower middle class people wander with empty pockets turned out because they gambled away their pittance life savings, and street prostitutes sell the last of their physical charms, and wide-eyed rubes from Bugtusle, Minnesota look up at the phony neon Roman palace and say, “gosh, gee! Ain’t that perty!”

Where Chamber of Commerce officials, all of them white conservatives who don’t like immigrants, hand out brochures with a smile to visitors to a community that attracts an army of women from Brazil who change the sheets on beds in millions of hotel rooms, many of them unoccupied.
Because the whole rotten stinking cat-box mess is sinking into an abyss of foreclosures and bankruptcy because restraint and honesty were never a factor in Las Vegas, an idea that exists solely on the principal of MORE MORE MORE BIGGER BIGGER BIGGER!
Because Obama said college kids should spend their meager tuition money on college getting an education so they can survive in the world and not on gambling.

Because of that you’re mad, huh? Not me. I’m happy.

Well, I’ve got some news for the governor of Nevada. You believe in this house of cards. You can go to hell. Or Las Vegas.

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