Tortures R Us

Let me get this straight. If I have the right idea, and I think that I do. We have 200 pictures of sadistic American guards torturing A-Rab prisoners, but if we let people see the pictures, it might give the rest of the world the right idea. They might not think as highly of us.

Torture me, please! I’ll confess!

       In other words, we don’t want them to see with their own eyes….what they already know, and what they already despise us for.

       Republicans as usual, the Gross Old Party (GOP), believers in secret government, and the mindless, moral-less military industrial colossus, were quick to agree with hiding the pictures, and offered up the usual automatic excuses, saying that it was nothing, that only a few guards tortured prisoners.

       Only a few Germans ran Auschwitz, but hey, in fairness, the torturing wasn’t conducted by everybody, even if it was official US policy.

       I tell you, it makes me proud to be an American.

       We only attack impoverished countries much smaller than ourselves because we’re afraid of them, and then capture and hold indefinitely prisoners in an American Bastille in Cuba. Prisoners whose balls we then squeeze with pliers, the defenseless (attorney-less) prisoners, who’ve been accused but never convicted…of something.

       I’m proud to be an American.



       Dick Cheney, who had five draft deferments because he was too busy scheming and counting money (no, put counting money first), and his subordinate, little George Bush, are slowly but surely making Obama their accomplice.



       That’s unless Obama sticks to his former credo and makes the tough choice to demonstrate that honesty is the only way to deal with obscenity. It’s embarrassing, but the only way. Hiding won’t do it. If Obama isn’t careful, he’ll get sucked into attempting to hide from the public what the torture twins (Dick and George) did. The public will find out, regardless.

       In the meantime, I call on the government of this country to get some guts, put together a collage of the best torture pictures, titled “The People’s Choice,” put ‘em on the Internet, and mail them to every single residence in the land. Let the people decide if it’s right.

       In my entire life, I’ve never liked anybody named Dick. When Cheney was small, his mother used to say, “Dick! Dick! Go into politics Dick.” Now he’s a big Dick. We’re paying the price.

       Oh torture me. Squeeze me here. Burn me there. No! No! Harder! Harder! Oh Dick. I’m yours Dick! Let me put on my black negligee. Let me pose for torture pictures. We’ll call it, Dick Cheney’s Torture Dungeon of Love.

       Isn’t there a song, You Only Hurt, the One You Love?

       It’s funny, odd. I can’t find one statement from Washington, Lincoln or Jefferson advocating the use of simulated drowning (water-boarding) on helpless prisoners. Oh I know. They’re not helpless just because they’re in a cell. They’re evil and deserve what they get.

       This is a country that believes in due process of law. I think it does. Doesn’t it?

       But they (bad A-Rabs) want to take over the whole world. They deserve it. So how come we used to say the same thing about North Vietnam, they were going to take over all of Asia, but now, North Vietnam, we’re friendly to, we trade with them? We send tourists there.

       There’s even talk about building a Disney (theme) Park in Hanoi to be called Tet-World. How come they (North Vietnam) were once evil, but they’re not now?

       The logic that comes out of Washington is like the Republicans and their Democrat sycophants.

       The truth is whatever they say it is.

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