Sammon the Great Predicted Swine Flu

Here we go again.

       I predicted the swine flu epidemic four months before it happened, and once again, I have to explain to a dull world that doesn’t recognize talent.

       The kind of uncomprehending world that makes Lady GaGa a star.

       I wrote a list of predictions for the year 2009 back on New Year’s Day. One of the predictions listed was that I saw a “catastrophe coming out of the Southwest.”

       “A catastrophe coming out of the Southwest.”


       Mexico is the Southwest.

       Do any of you further doubt? I also predicted Hurricane Katrina a week before that happened (read my column about people drowning called Doomsday Five – Katrina was a Force Five Hurricane).

       This is getting really tiresome. I clearly have psychic ability and I have to take the tedious step and tell you about it because you didn’t read my column or make the connection back then.

I am able to tell the future.

       I can do it.

       I have always known that I could feel things others can’t. That I was more attuned to some kind of vision than others. It doesn’t have anything to do with crap about looking at a crystal ball.

       For example, I predicted long before that Iraq was a disaster (a 20-year war over non-existent weapons of mass destruction).

       It just comes to you. You can feel it.

Clairvoyance is not about feeling superior to others. It’s not about being infallible. A clairvoyant can have a bad day like anyone else. It’s about windows, portals into the beyond. Some of us have it. Remember Alice in the Looking Glass. Alice was a clairvoyant.

       It’s flashes. Having flashes. Visions. Vision flashes. Something that you can see coming, when the portal (the looking glass) is open.

       It has nothing to do with mumbling mumbo jumbo strange words over somebody’s head, or burning incense, acting weird, using wee-gee boards or banging a gong. This is not a fortune-telling machine with a figure of a swami behind glass at the county fair.

       I’ve always been the kind of person who is super sensitive. I’m not joking about any of this. Let me put it another way. I’m the kind of person who if you kick a dog around the corner, I can feel it.

       Oh by the way. I also predicted (in January) that Vice President Joe Biden would get in trouble for saying something. As I wrtie this, word comes to me that Biden is in hot water for making statements about airline travel amid the swine flu threat.

       Two great clairvoyants of the past were Rasputin, who convinced the empress of Russia that he was a holy man who could see the other side and he was proven right most of the time, and Crazy Horse, an Ogallala visionary who clearly had the gift.

       Then there’s me.

       That’s all I need to say.

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  5. Hej excellent story.
    Do u have a facebook fan page for this short post? No wonder : why had a bookmark to ur feed Up-to-date Lady Gaga monitoring for free!!! 1 actually love it!

  6. John Sammon says:

    Dear Abigail – Mt Facebook page is John Sammon Sammon at Facebook.

  7. Sarah says:

    Mr. Sammon!

    I am doing a research project on you and you’r work. This included personal background information as well as a total of 9 annotated articles of you’rs with a one page written response for each. I’ve googled you far and beyond and I can’t find anything about you’r personal life/childhood. If you find time, I would greatly appreciate a few quick notes to put in the research portion of my project. More specifically, date/place of birth, education, but most importantly: any information that might help me analyse why you write the way you do. A story, a quote, anything that may have at some point inspired you to write the things you write, would be AMAZING! Thank you for you’r time.:)


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