Sam and Googie

(Reader’s note): I’m seriously contemplating syndicating nationally a comic strip about two mischievous boys, and here is a preview for readers of 11 possible set-ups (scenes) for the strip. The boys’ names are Sam and Googie. Sam is the older of the two boys.

1. Grandpa is sleeping in a hammock, his shoes taken off and on the ground. The boys are wrapping saran wrap around his body.
“Here’s the deal,” Sam tells Googie. “When he wakes up, he’ll panic and yell for help. You offer to go get me if he’ll give us ten dollars.”

2. The boys are watching TV. We hear Mom’s voice.
“Boys, make yourselves useful. Go out to the car and remove the clothes.”
Next scene, the boys are standing naked next to the car. On the hood of the car is a box marked “Clothes.”

3. The boys are trying to sell lemonade and Bernard the bully has Sam by the scuff of the neck.
“Give me some lemonade,” Bernard threatens.
“My assistant is getting you some,” Sam says nervously.
We see Googie behind a tree urinating in a cup.

4. The boys are at the dinner table amid dirty plates and a cake in the center of the table that is half gone (eaten).
We hear Mom’s voice. “You boys could do me such a favor if you’d clean off even just one plate.”
Next scene, the boys are at the table, the cake is now all gone, and the boys have chocolate around their mouths.

5. Sam and Googie are lighting a firecracker, Googie holding the firecracker as Sam lights it.
“What are you worried about?” Sam asks his brother. “Nothing can go wrong.”
Next scene Googie is all blackened in the face and looking dazed.
“You were supposed to throw it,” Sam says.

6. Sam and Googie are standing next to Grandpa in his wheel chair. Grandpa’s mouth is sunken in like he’s missing his teeth. Grandpa looks troubled.
“No boys, I didn’t tell you my false teeth were unbreakable. WHY?” Grandpa asks.

7. Sam and Googie are in baseball uniforms standing next to an angry looking man with a baseball in his hand and a broken window. Sam is facing away from the man.
“Is he smiling?” Sam asks Googie.

8. The boys are crouching behind Grandpa’s wheel chair, so Grandpa can’t see them, slowly pushing Grandpa toward a water pond in a park.
“Help!” Grandpa yells. “I’m rolling away. Help!”
“We’ll pretend we caught him,” Sam whispers to Googie. “Then he’ll let us play with his old war pistol.”

9. Sam is on his bicycle with a cute little girl his age mounted on the handlebars ready for a ride. Sam looks back at Googie who is standing next to them with a perplexed look.
“You’ll understand when you’re my age,” Sam tells him.

10. Sam fakes that his finger is missing by tucking it in. Googie is crying.
“See? A snake bit my finger off,” Sam tells Googie.
Sam reveals his finger.
“No it didn’t. Here it is. See?”

11. Sam yells angrily at someone unseen while Googie stands next to him.
“We’ll go to bed when we’re good and…..”
Next scene, the two boys are crouching in fear behind a sofa.
“Just kidding Mom,” Sam blurts out. “Googie said it. He was just kidding.”

Copyright 2011 Sammonsays.

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