Religious Delusional


  • Don’t you love the part where James says “and for men to merry other men…?”
    I think he means “marry,” unless he means that it’s sinful to make other men “merry” (happy). He couches his beliefs like threats, hurling thunderous lightning bolts down from on-high.
    I suggest you grow a beard and get some stone tablets.
    This is a treasure trove of delusional, grammatically incorrect, nonsensical half sentences with incomplete thoughts and run-ons, oxymoronic, discombobulated, a claptrap religious-type Gettysburg Address laced with anti-Darwinistic homilies, hundreds of exclamation marks!!!! and upper-case caps to SIMULATE SCREAMING. It’s genuine outright hate posing as religious belief.
    It’s a classic of the intolerant extreme religious right. This guy is precious. I love it. This should be enshrined in the Smithsonian Institute.

  • The Truth is Jesus Christ is God and he created all the heavens and earth and life, trees, human, animals, and all you see and do not see! Satan is real and so is Heaven and Hell! The King James Bible is a Holy Book! God is HOLY! You have the right in USA to abort babies, and for men to merry other men and you can mock God all day and all night! The truth is if you are a lost monkey man into the lies of evolution and science and are not born again and saved! Then you will scream for eternity in HELL! God is LOVE and GOD is HATE! If you are not a Christian and born again! John 3:16…Then you belong to Satan and you are one of many brain washed lost slaves heading to Hell! You can pretend it is all a joke and laugh all you want! Many lost hell bound people actually think they are smarter then God or people that are saved and are Christians! The truth all life was created by design by God! Evolution is one of Satan’s biggest lies! God knows every little word you have ever said or any word you have written. God knows all your sins and God! Man can take what God made and play Frankenstein if he wants. Man can make up all kinds of false religions and lead people to hell! Why do they do that! It is because God Jesus Christ is real! If Jesus Christ was not real then other lost religions would not be! I do not care how old your false religion is! Jesus Christ was and is and always will be! Lost men try to be God and fear death! They all know heaven and hell is very real. These lost people can think all day and pretend for the rest of their life that they are a monkey or a machine! The truth God made you and owns you! The Aliens did not make you or the Pope! Toss all those idiot big words that mean nothing and foolish babble on a website all you want! Other crazy lost people will have company in hell with you! Lost people must be born again and must be saved to go to heaven and Jesus Christ is the salvation plan! John 3:16 Cry all you want to here is a towel! Jesus Christ is LOVE and Jesus Christ is HATE! God will have no mercy on the lost humanist best money you can buy educated monkey men! The wrath of God is very real and the Bible is not fiction! The King James Bible is a holy book and is absolute truth! Now here are a few words that the lost man hates!!! Holy!!! Absolute Truth! Jesus Christ is God! Hell and heaven is real! A simple saved Christian man knows the truth and knows that wrong will never be right! The truth will never be a lie! Only evil sick men try to twist reality and try to change it! Life is short where will you spend eternity? Heaven or Hell? The 10 commandments will never change! You can break the laws and mock God and go straight to HELL serious I do not care! People that mock God, Christians, creation and absolute truth! They will face God’s anger and wrath! You can scream all day and all night and call God all kinds of names. Those in Hell will have no visits and no food and water. Hot flames and torture in a lost body that feels it all yet will not die! Saved people will never remember any of them like they never existed. So all those books that evil men wrote and all those little fantasy fiction articles they love to write! All gone for ever! It will be like the lost and all their shit never was! Cool! The saved will have eternity in a new body that will never die, never get sick or age! Live in a perfect heaven and earth because God is going to clean up the sin and sinners and remove them to HELL! No more hate, no more police, prisons, war or death! The sin or evil is all gone! No it is not brain wash! Brain wash is what satan does to the lost men! Millions of Christians trust and love our father Jesus Christ! The lost will not admit it but they are lost and their father is Satan the father of LIES, HATE, War and Death! Jesus Christ is in control if you would read the bible you would see that satan is in charge of this planet for only a little while longer. God gave him that power! If Jesus was in control of earth right now! We would have no abortions and evil and sin would be gone! The lost man can joke all they want too! They can mock and call people and God names! The truth those clowns in satan’s circus will all be in Hell very soon with satan! It don’t matter if you believe it or not! This is just to easy and simple for the lost man to accept! Lost men want to be in control and pretend you die and well nothing happens! It was all lies or some lost monkeys say well I will return and return until I reach Nirvana! Ha Ha Ha how crazy it that lies! You live once and die once! Then it is heaven or hell! You have a body you see it when you look in the mirror! You have a soul body inside your body and then you have also a spirit! Learn more read the Bible! The lost man most will never read the Bible they hate that Book and they Hate God! Wow is that a big mistake! Hell is no party and you will have no friends in hell! Alone in the fire no light the flames are dark like the evil in the lost man! Dark and heat and pain and the lost will have eternity to remember how they rejected the truth and all those nasty little words they spoke and wrote about God! The lost man loves the dark and his sins! The lost man hates the light and the truth! The truth you better repent to Jesus Christ and get saved now by Jesus Christ! And be serious about it! I promise those that die and are lost will face God! It will be too late for them! They can cry like little babies and break down and even go crazy calling God names! God angels will take you away and toss you into Hell for eternity like garbage on fire that never burns up! God has no mercy God is HOLY and if you are even a real nice good man and yet did not get saved you still go to hell! Well God I was a good man and I cared for others, I did not lie or break any laws! The truth all people are sinners! Some sinners get cleaned up by John 3:16 the blood of Jesus Christ! The lost sinners still have sin on them and are not the children of Jesus Christ! All the lost sinners and Satan will burn for ever and ever in Hell then Lake of Fire! I am not under the Law of Moses! I have God’s grace and love! FAITH! The lost humanist monkey men have no faith! Only in what they can eat or take! These type of men are serious not as smart as they think they are! If they were smart they would see how stupid and wrong they are! I guess if Satan and his children rebel and refuse the truth what can I say it is truth or lies! Most will pick lies! The truth Education and science will never replace FAITH! This world of lies and liars and God haters is about to end! They know it and are very scared! Just pretend it is a bad dream and it will all go away! Tap your heals 3 times Dorthy and you will be back in Kansas! Stick your head in the sand and just pretend it all will go away! I say fear God and live! God is real and real science is proving the Bible and God is real as well! God is real and men that must try to prove it well are messed up! Faith! Faith! Faith comes by hearing the word of God and the word of God is like a light in a dark lost world that will save the lost men from Hell! God gave his life to save sinners and evil men! What have you done for God! What did you give to God! It was finished at the cross! Jesus Saves! Most people that write bad articles and mock God will end up in hell. Before they get their they will be lonely and on ding pills and may end up going crazy! Until then they live in dirt and filth like pigs! Most kill themselves! As a real Christian we will pray that they change and seek God and salvation while they can! Many satanist’s and other cult members have become Christians! Many of them have written great books on faith and God! God saved them and cleaned them all up! God will save any sinner no matter how bad the sin is God can remove it like it never happened! Many good christian churches and websites seek them while you can to help lead you to God! Soon it will be to late to seek God! If you die lost it is hell for eternity! Fear God is a good way to get saved! The person that wrote this article created it out of nothing but his hate and anger at God and Christians! He has this grand illusion and endless fantasy! Man is a fallen creature and science such as trans humanism and biological engineering all of that crap is nothing new on earth. Satan and monkey men have been trying to play god for a long time. God flooded the world to stop that evil sin and even more evil that was going on then! God states as is the time of Noah he will return and find evil men doing evil science experiment and more! So God is against monkeys playing freak games with nature, animals and men! Evolution is a lie! Men are being more sick and evil and evolution is they say upward movement to survive the changes bla bla bla lies lies lies! No alibi’s for being a stupid ass! Evil evolution humanist monkey men have devolved I will call it devil–ution! They belong to the devil! The devil and fallen angels give these evil lost monkeys knowledge to play god! It is not the real thing like clones and robots! God created all life and God will return and stop the lost evil humanist men from making monsters that have no souls and belong to satan! Man fell and is still falling for evil sins and lies! I guess the love of money and power has made them crazy! God is going to stop them all soon! Before the freaks kill all the life on the planet! Serious if you want to be a lost evil sick human going to hell go for it! Real Christians never force people to get saved and become a christian. Christians will leave that to lost religious dings like Muslims and Catholics! Satan has religions many of them! Christians are the ones that the Romans raped, tortured and murdered. Well we see in the news all the time how muslims torture, rape and kill all those that are not Muslims! Nothing new here they have been doing that from the start! Raping and killing little girls and women! God Jesus Christ will stop all that very soon! Good luck on your next story you write! Serious you need help! Stop taking ding pills or drinking booze it messes up the brain and body! You need Jesus Christ! You need to get saved! Jesus Christ will forgive you! But you must repent of your hate, anger and sins! Ask God and he will save you! Have faith in God trust him and lead others to Jesus Christ!



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