Pros and Cons of String Theory

String theory, the idea that the universe is woven into a web of eleven vibrating strings far beyond the mere three dimensions we know, for example, height, width and depth, is so new and complex that even its backers don’t understand it.



If you can’t understand it, it must be profound.

I’ll try to shed some light.

You’ve heard of the three dimensions. You can stand on your tip toes and go up, or back down (that’s one), you can move forward or back (that’s two), or side to side (three).

But what if there are more dimensions?

Scientists often cite earth’s gravitational pull as an example that there’s probably more out there than meets the eye. When you pick up a paper clip with a magnet, the paper clip defies gravity. In theory, it shouldn’t be able to do this; after all, the entire earth is under your feet.

“The reason gravity is weak is that most of it lives somewhere else,” one scientist explained.


Maybe you’re out of your mind.

In other words, the world we can see, touch, smell, is only one wobbling, spinning thin tissue of a much larger reality just outside our grasp.

Here are some predictions based on what might happen if this Twilight Zone can ever be proven and harnessed.

1.You’ll be able to turn yourself into pure matter (vapor) and phone yourself to Hawaii (although phones will be obsolete by that time). It will be more like the transporter on Star Trek (beam me up).

2. Highways of light sensitive cosmic dust will transport people between galaxies by the simple use of a crystal ring attached to the feet. Thus, you could visit other worlds, for example one where mountain ranges are made up of strawberry short cake if that’s to your taste, much as we drive to a theme park today.

3. Since there is virtually no reality, the Cro-Magnon custom of death and being buried in a hole in the ground will cease. As you use up one body, you can inhabit another, whether it be gas, liquid or nothing at all (your mother-in-law always said you were nothing). You could become an oak tree and live 800 years.

4. You could disperse yourself, literally go to pieces, microbes that scatter to a count of millions allowing you to become godlike, be everywhere and everything.

5. Time travel, the old Jules Verne bit, will become reality. You could witness the Battle of Waterloo by taking the shape of a cannonball.

6. A Garden of Eden without any snake to mess things up will free mankind from disease, illness, all the “yucky” things. A genetically altered Adam and Eve eating genetically altered


foods available at the snap of a finger (transported by electric currents) will be an example of “paradise found.”

7. Love making will be much more lusty and powerful than it is today.

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