Pros and Cons of Astro Projection

Astro projection is the science of separating your body into two parts, the astro body, from the physical body. This is cool. Proponents claim that your body has seven energy sources called “chakas,” located at the spine, spleen, naval, heart, throat, head and crown. These release what is called “kunoulini force,” the power to develop para-normal qualities. In other words, using this method, you can separate your astro body from your physical body, and the astro body can then travel to other places, rooms, buildings, even planets.

When the astro body returns, it brings everything with it learned or remembered—back to your physical body.

To achieve this out-of-body state requires concentration and discipline including deep breathing and stretching. Achieving out-of-body mastery is dependant on the proper warm-up, for example, breathing deeply, rolling your eyes like they’re coming out of their sockets, while flailing your arms around and around. If that doesn’t work, be advised that I recently discovered a few shortcuts.

  1. Stand on your head in a corner and put your big toe in your mouth. If you can’t reach your big toe, use somebody else’s. Now, hit yourself in the head with a wooden mallet. Talk about interplanetary travel. You’ll see stars. This method can also be used to search for missing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
  1. Or the second method. Avoid going to the bathroom for three days. At the end of this term, you’ll be literally ripping your flesh to depart from your body.

Like anything, there are pros and cons to astro projection. What if your astro body doesn’t like the physical side of you and refuses to come back? Remember, it can fly a lot faster than you can run. And even if you catch up to it, can you force it back inside you?

These potential problems have never been officially studied.

A pro would be the ability to send your astro body on a mission to spy on your girl friend to make sure she’s not dating some other dude, and then report back to you. But what if your astro body requires payment for such services? A con.

There is also a potential jealousy factor, a con. You could become resentful of your astro body because of its ability to come and go wherever it pleases—–while you’re stuck on this lousy earth as slow as a turtle. What if you decide to beat up your asto body? (Remember it can come down on you from a great height).

How would such an assault crime be handled in court? Would you appear in the dock next to your astro body?

Just flying around isn’t so much after all. But what if you could make your astro body take out the garbage? That’s a pro. If your astro body makes you take it out? A con.

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