Pros and Cons of Abortion

Abortion is one of those issues that will be argued forever with never an answer agreed upon by competing factions. It’s a debate that manages to combine medicine, technology, morals, politics and religion all in one bitter brew.

It’s also full of ironies.

Liberal feminists, among the strongest champions of abortion rights, because they are liberal, want government control and restrictions over almost everything, from ownership of handguns, to taxation, to setting racial quotas for jobs and college entrance—-but not government control over their bodies.

Right-wing groups, on the other hand, want to prohibit abortion. You’d think they’d feel the other way.

If, as liberals often contend, conservative groups are racist, conservatives should favor abortion, because it would be getting rid of the very people, so-called “minorities” meaning blacks and Hispanics, that white racists hate. If you’re a racist, you don’t believe members of your own race mostly need abortions. That’s for poor, ignorant people who practice frequent licentious sex.

You know, “those kind” of people. Getting rid of the wrong kind of people (by preventing their birth) is therefore a pro for abortion, if you’re a racist. As I’ve stated, most conservative groups are “pro-life.”

A con against abortion is the nagging thought that a woman went to a clinic, had an abortion, and thus the world was prevented from seeing the birth of the only person capable of attaining a leadership role and initiating a peace accord between warring factions in the Middle East, thus preventing decades of strife and murder. A stable home life is not a guarantee of talent, and illegitimate children have shown themselves to be very bright on occasion, Lawrence of Arabia for one.

Another con, is that the child who never lived, may have invented a cure for cancer (had he lived). Think about that, if you’re for abortion, the next time you walk into a hospital to have a mysterious growth on your breast checked out.

Of course, an argument in favor of abortion ( a pro) could take the opposite tack that if Saddam’s mother had practiced it in Iraq, the world would be a better place.

Fewer people means fewer cars on the freeway, a potential pro in favor of abortion. That plus could be neutralized if oil companies would get less greedy and allow the proliferation of non-polluting electric cars.

I think I’ll ignore all this and just say I’m against abortion because the central argument of feminists is, “I don’t want to be told what to do with my body.”

I’m sorry. It stopped being just your body with the growth of that fetus in your belly. There’s a second body there. Who’s going to speak for him….or her. They don’t have a say. When you took it upon yourself to create life, you also take responsibility for it.

I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that I believe I’m the father of an aborted child. I think about that life that never was, but could have been, and I feel bad about my own misdeeds that led to it.

Life is precious.

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