One of the great sorrows has been to see the way corporate America and Europe have standardized dress in the world to the point where everybody now wears a suit and tie.

It used to be that our enemies, North Korea, China, Vietnam, Cuba, and a dozen other fringe lunatic countries, dressed like geeks. Remember the Mao jacket? It made them easier to hate. The problem is, the rulers of these countries finally caught on they looked like geeks, and now wear suits and ties.

Today it’s hard to tell a nuclear terrorist leader in North Korea from an official of IBM. Both wear suits and carry briefcases.

The tie is certainly proof of the stupidity and barbarism of Western culture. A piece of cloth that serves no purpose other than for appearance, and to choke you at the neck. The ancient Romans, though they conquered and despoiled the world like the World Bank and Dick Cheney are doing, were nevertheless more practical. They wore loose-fitting togas, comfortable to wear.

To me, pajamas are the worst. If ever there was a more ridiculous-looking unnecessary garment devised by man, I don’t know what it is. A suit of flimsy cloth to wear in bed that provides neither warmth nor function, that you can’t wear outside the house without embarrassment.

Why do you think they make prisoners in court trials wear orange pajamas? Because they render you impotent. Pajamas hide your sexuality, make you look absurd. A prisoner in pajamas is more apt (psychologically) to be meek in the court, accepting of the system, compromising, less argumentative in defense—-than if he came wearing a tuxedo.

I’m proud to say I sleep in the raw.

When people die and are buried, they’re buried in a suit and tie (unless you’re a woman). What’s up with that? What’s the purpose? Is there a dress code in heaven or hell? For some reason, they don’t let you wear shoes, only socks.

You should want to go out the way you came in, naked and broke.

These garments are Victorian holdovers from a society that constantly preaches diversity, but in fact idolizes conformity and control—–worldwide. In fact, the two feed off each other. Just like every city has to have a McDonald’s, every person in every city in the world has to dress the same.

“Dress for success,” they say.


It’s dress to achieve dominion over others.

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