Human Transferral Refraction

After detailed study and hypothesis and soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that an entirely new concept in the field of science, Human Transferal Refraction, is a reality.


       In other words, your spouse is really you, looking back at what you believe to be yourself.




       Human Refraction Theory combines concepts such as Yin and Yang, and Quantum Leap.


       Only, it takes them a step further.


       In Yin and Yang, there are two separate opposite energies necessary for harmony, or conflict, depending. There is a strong, active, light and male (yin), as opposed to weak, passive, dark, female, or yang (obviously, a Chinese man came up with this one).


       Quantum Leap is simply the ability for energy to take different forms and shapes in time or space.


       Based on these theories, and my own psychic observations and pondering, and also on my own particular genius—-I have determined that you aren’t you.


       Your spouse is you, and you’re looking back at yourself.


       This gives new meaning to the John Lennon line in the song Strawberry Fields, “nothing is real.” Nothing is real…is real.




       Let me explain.


       Pure matter, or light, or particulate clusters of string energy form, are able to bend and twist to accommodate a temporary refuge, much like a naked crab scurrying along the ocean floor seeking a temporary shell home (our earthly existence). When the osmosis of the refractory conditions allows a conjugal subjugation of the internal subliminal hyperactive conductors, and transceiver type telepathic nature of the reduplicated energy matter, the discontinuous relationship of carnal desire and urges for debauchery for example, collide with forces of a more benign bituminous sub-gender wave enlistment.


       In other words….Human Transferal Refraction.


       Thus, your wife is really you, looking back at what you think is yourself. She is but an accumulation of energy that represents your most repressed desires.

       For example, “you just don’t understand me” is a common complaint among estranged couples. Of course he doesn’t understand you. How can he? You’re only a composite of energized particles in imagined human form representing what he sees or wants to see in himself.




       We can read our visions, or what we think we see, much like a tarot card.


       For example, if your spouse is overweight, you obviously have a great hunger for unfulfilled (probably sexual) experiences and fantasies.


       If, for instance, you say that a relationship (which is also an allusion) has “sucked you dry.” It is obvious you have a fantasy hang-up which manifests itself in the shape and nature of the other person.


       It is then safe to say, that great sex is also an allusion.


       Take a good look at your husband, or wife, or significant other person. Take a good, hard look.




       This is who you really are.


       You didn’t just meet this person by chance. Oh no! That person represented to you visually, and it’s merely a cluster of energized atoms coming together, the person you in fact think you really are.



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