Facts about Marijuana

The arguments for and against the legalization of pot have never been resolved, so I’m going to end them right here and now.

If you’re for legalizing marijuana, you’re weak, weak weak!

I know. Those for it say it’s no different than booze, a narcotic just like liquor. And they’re partly right. Those against legalizing marijuana, say it leads to harder drugs. And that’s sort of right. It can.

Seems to me, an argument that’s unresolvable, like abortion, shouldn’t rely altogether on logic, or science. Those sometimes mislead.

Let’s rely instead on Thornton. Let’s take Thornton’s word. Thornton was my old Army buddy, and 30 years ago he had a brutal, somewhat sexist, but nevertheless common sense approach still valid today, when it came to castigating the legalizing of marijuana.

“The difference,” Thornton once told me over a beer in the PX, “is that with liquor, you go into a bar with your pals, order a beer, and as the waitress walks by, give her a playful slap on the butt. You joke and tell stories with your friends. You have a good time.”

Thornton, with great flourish, then mimicked an imaginary pot smoker. He sucked loudly, a fictional joint, through thinly pursed lips. He made his eyes bug out, wide, staring, unresponsive.

“Wow man!” He said, reciting what was thought to be the pot smoker’s favorite (back then) exclamation.

Liquor is a social narcotic which, though a narcotic, is enjoyed more from a social aspect. In other words, people who are not alcoholics, imbibe liquor for reasons other than just getting high. You can enjoy a glass of wine over dinner and still make reasonably intelligent conversation.

The fact is marijuana, despite what its proponents say, is mainly used for the sole purpose of getting high, the enjoyment of hallucination. That is a bald fact.

People need a little sinning, and a little should be allowed……but not all. You simply draw a line in the sand and say, no more.

Go to a park in Holland, one of those countries where they allow everything, and ask directions. Some derelict stumbles and sprawls at your feet, a recipient of the blessings of social progressivism that says whatever you want to do is okay.

You’re weak! Simpatico, but weak!

There is no doubt liquor has killed and harmed many people, and I have no disagreement with outrage expressed by groups like MADD and others. But I have to say……..people who drink, but don’t misuse liquor, look much healthier and happier than people who smoke pot.

I never saw a pot smoker who didn’t look like a skinny, emaciated wimp, and whose personality wasn’t that of a cringing, whining, subversive, craven, sniveling, yellow-bellied coward.

You’re weak, weak, weak! 

I am not, by the way, against the use of marijuana under prescription by a doctor to control the pain of cancer or other diseases.

Two wrongs don’t make a right, but booze is the lesser wrong. And that’s a fact.

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