Christmas Mystery



       It’s that time of year again. Time for my obligatory Christmas column. I promise not to knock Christmas like I’ve done in the past, even though it’s a must-conform once a year ritual that involves a cash outlay that I can ill afford.

I promise not to do that, find fault.


       The controversy this year is over the Christmas tree, and whether it should be re-labeled “Holiday tree” instead of Christmas tree, especially on the White House lawn, or government property, so as not to refer to Christ, so as to be fair to people who don’t believe.


       Though there have been complaints about this ridiculous example of political correctness, this is one of the most ironic of oxy morons, because the people who want the tree re-labeled Holiday tree are right for the wrong reasons.


       The Christmas tree is not a Christian symbol.


       Christmas, the Santa holiday, has nothing to do with Christ.




       Did Christ and his disciples ever put tinsel on a fir tree? Did they ever wrap presents and give them to each other? Did Christ dress up in a white beard and red suit?






       They are two separate celebrations celebrated the same day.

Santa Claus was some German pseudo-pagan myth figure that strangely enough hit the big-time in Victorian England, much like Jerry Lewis did in France. Below is the timeline of Santa history:


       1700 – Santa Claus, not looking anything like he does today (he wore green), is a German myth from the pagan mists of the 12th century. People burn a Yule log, drink a cup of grog, and that’s it.


       1800 – Nothing is changed. People are worried about Napoleon.


       1900 – Victorian English are the first generation who cherishes their children instead of regarding them as cattle. They decide to do something nice for junior. Uncle Nigel down the street carves junior a little wood horse. That’s it. That’s all. No presents are exchanged with anyone else. They bring in a fir tree with lighted candles and burn the house down.


       1951 – Coca Cola Company re-draws a new marketing image of Santa, the one in the red suit with the jolly face we recognize today.


       2000 – The entire economy of the Western World depends on Christmas gift giving.


       What happened? How did this come about? What does the birth of Christ have to do with shelling out money? Nothing!


       Let me get this straight. A fat German action hero in a red suit who rides a cart pulled by forest animals and who squeezes down your chimney shares a holiday with an obscure first century Jewish preacher who founded a world wide religion and who was nailed to a cross by Roman authorities?


       And what about the tree?




       It’s not a Christian symbol, not like the Jewish candle holders (menorah) are a Jewish symbol.




       John the Baptist wouldn’t recognize a tree with plastic balls and lights on it. You see! The politically correct busy bodies are a pain in the butt…..but they’re historically right.


       There isn’t even any definitive agreement on when exactly Christ was born, December 25, June 9, take your pick. What year, 2 AD? That’s a good guess. The only clue we have is the bright star the wise men followed which could have been Haley’s Comet.


       So, the whole holiday is a mix-mangled mystery wrapped in an enigma.

I have to close now. I’ve got to buy my Christmas tree and do some shopping.

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