China Bogey

A man after my own heart.

President Chen Shui-bian of Taiwan had the guts to tell Mainland Communist China and the rest of the world that Taiwan is not a province of Communist China or anybody’s patsy.

“Our Taiwan is not something that belongs to someone else (Beijing),” Shui-bian said. “Our Taiwan is not someone else’s local government.”

How dare you?

You’re supposed to suck up to the Communist Chinese, tell them politically correct wimp words they like to hear, like, “we’ll become part of China, we’ll do whatever you want, because we know you’ll hurt us if we don’t.”

Never tell the communists in Beijing the truth. Not that! They’ll invade and enslave you if you don’t watch out.

For those of you high school students who can’t place China on a map, Taiwan is that little Jewell-shaped island straight across the ocean more-or-less from San Francisco. Back in 1949, the remnants of a corrupt but nevertheless more democratic regime called the “nationalists,” fled to the island after losing a war on the mainland with the communists.

The communists instituted one of the most murderous governments in history, and ever since have threatened to do to Taiwan what they did to Tibet, take it by force.

The only thing standing in the way is the United States.

It now remains to be seen how bellicose the gangsters in Beijing will react to Shui-bian’s courageous words. My guess is they’ll rattle the saber a bit like they usually do and quiet down. But their plans to wait until the time is ripe to take Taiwan without the consent of the island’s populace (a good time to try is when we attack Iraq), will remain unchanged.

America should be under no illusions. China is our worst enemy, the world’s most powerful terrorist state, capable of inflicting a real war on us, not like chasing a bunch of bearded Muslims from caves in Afghanistan. Bin Laden and his cronies are nickel-and-dimers compared to the trouble China could cause.

I mean a real war, fought by highly-trained armed forces on land, water and in the air.

American leaders from Tricky Dick Nixon down to Politically Correct Clinton have been gulled, thinking they could “slick” the Communist Chinese into behaving with friendly words, high-profile presidential visits to the Great Wall, and gifts of billions in technological aid (some the Chinese stole fair and square).

Thanks to this presidential wisdom, the Chinese can now target the American West Coast with ballistic missiles. This isn’t the first time in world politics appeasement has failed.

Make no mistake. The Mainland Chinese hate us.

How do you reason with a country that so devalues human life they use slave labor and ship the body parts of what were formerly prisoners by catalog around the world?

Sooner or later, we’re going to have it out with the Mainland Chinese. There isn’t enough room in Dodge City for the two of us.

In the meantime, the tiny David-like island of Taiwan preserves its independence in the face of the mainland Goliath with a courage rare in these politically correct bull-crap times.

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