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Web sites  that promote starving?

Oh man!

There exists Pro Anorexia & Pro Bulimia web sites with tips and guidance for getting into an Ed (Eating Disorder). They have trendy lingo, in-words, only they understand, psychologically slapping themselves on the back for being part of an exclusive group.

“Are you pro ana (practicing anorexia)?” a woman asks another.

“No I’m mia (bulimic),” the other answers.

This is a woman thing. Guys don’t get into anorexia. I think it’s because of the selfish, greedy, corrupt fashion and film industries, which teach that appearance, like money, is the sole indicator of a person’s worth as a human being.

I might start a web site about the benefits of jumping off a cliff headfirst (the air whistling through your ears improves hearing……briefly).

How about a web site that extols the virtues of smashing your thumb with a hammer (feels so good when you stop).

I love how these ana pro web sites promote caloric fascism. While wasting away, you’re allowed to lord it over other people.

“Watch what other people, especially fat people, eat, and feel superior,” the bulimia pro web site advises. “Because fat people are feeding their fat bodies and getting fatter.”

Wow! Get hungry enough and it makes you mean.

A special fasting diet is provided. For the first six days, you allow yourself no food, but juices, water, diet soda…..hard liquor? (Eases the pain).

Eventually, you’re allowed 300 calories daily, less than prisoners at Auschwitz received.

“I put slices of lemon in my water for flavoring,” another ana pro web site suggest.

Try eating broken glass. That really curbs hunger.

Of course, along with abusing your body to gain self-acclaim and feelings of superiority and self-righteousness, you must also practice deceit. Sneaking and lying are good starters.

If you survive the diet, it might train you for a government job.

“Until you reach your goal (weighing ten pounds), wear tight jeans,” the ana pro site says. “It’s a constant reminder you need to lose weight. If people start worrying about you, wear loose jeans with leggings underneath. This adds bulk.”

You’re also advised to stealthily check the refrigerator at night, throw food out you might eat, and the next day tell relatives you ate it (Gee! It could have been sent to starving children in Columbia who practice being pro ana unwillingly).

“Don’t bring up the subject of food around other people,” the tips continue. “But have your excuses ready for not eating in case they should bring the subject up. Saying you don’t feel good, picked up something on the way home, or are eating dinner at someone else’s house are good excuses.”

“Don’t use the same one (excuse) all the time,” the bulimia pro web site adds.

Haa! These people are bright.

A more honest, direct approach of course would be just to come out and say, “Don’t mention food in my presence—you fat pig!”

All these pro anorexia and pro bulimia web sites generously recommend rewarding yourself for successful starving. Buying food is not allowed, but the purchase of a new CD, or a set of (smaller size) clothing make nice gifts.

While you’re at it, you might also price a mortuary (discounts given for thinner bodies).

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