A Fiery Cylindrical Vortex

They’re coming. They’re taking over. The economy is the least of your worries.

       There is a gigantic swirling vortex in outer space scientists are not aware of, that is funneling alien organisms that will ultimately rob the food chain of its life giving nutrients, as well as spread impotency among people.



       This is all directed by a strange race of extra terrestrial, ionized, semi-humanoid-in-intelligence, concave cloud-shaped wisps of energy-charged neutrons who appear vaguely like pulsating jellyfish, led by a leader I call the “Geo-Framer.”

       The breakdown of the food chain they will initiate is a direct result of synthetic deposits polluting earth’s atmosphere and floating to earth and mixing in our water supply.

       The Geo-Framer, a shadowy figure to even his own kind, is responsible together with a few selected henchmen, for the way our leadership is behaving, the dull dullard looks clearly evident on their faces as they stumble along cheating and lying their way from one disaster to the next.

       It’s all part of a plan.

       Ask yourself. Why were the ancient Greeks so excellent, inventing math, and science? It was the undiluted quality of their sunlight, which is like photosynthesis to a plant. Our atmosphere today is clogged with particles emanating from the swirling vortex.

       The Geo-Framer exists in a horizontal plane, an electro-magnetic field composed of mostly tiny bits of sheetrock-like material. Beyond the swirling vortex, beyond time and space, the Geo-Framer knows that earth is an easily subjugated planet that can be subdued by simply altering the building blocks of life.

       For example, a tiny microscopic alien protozoa introduced into the ground water that will erode the elasticity of wheat, a major staple of life on earth. This one profound change can wreak havoc.

       Eventually, the remaining survivors of earth, the miserable wretches left after they’ve killed each other off fighting over earth’s dwindling resources, will gather in Iceland to fight with rocks and clubs like cavemen of old over lichens, green lichens. The Icelandic Island will be the only place left where a few remaining ozone clouds shield earth from ultraviolet radiation.

       The remainder of earth will revert to a sewage-ridden, rotting bog. Not the desert many think will be.

       The Geo-Framer is motivated by a humanistic kindly goal of relieving earth’s people of (what he believes to be) their dreadful, average plight, that of having to walk slumped, pinned down to earth’s gravity, eating food every day and crapping it out the back, while struggling to trade job time for paper money in a fruitless attempt to acquire things (material possessions), only to age and shrivel and end up drooling in a wheel chair, head down among others used up, at a rest home.

       The Geo-framer is thus motivated by a benevolent hierarchical patronizing desire to put people out of their predictable misery.

       What are his intentions for earth after the swirling vortex has done its work? I’m not certain. But it could be the first step in a process that will allow the Geo-Framer to claim kinship with God and to remake the earth as a domain of a mysterious substance called Euclid-43.

       More on Euclid-43, and what kind of beings they are, later.

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