SEE FILM CLIP – How to Become God in Five Easy Steps

Click on the link below to see my film clip on how to become God in five easy steps.


5 Responses to “SEE FILM CLIP – How to Become God in Five Easy Steps”

  1. Lissa Douglas says:

    You LOOK like God. Will I look like God after I listen to your CD?

  2. John Sammon says:

    Yes Lissa, you will. Take it from me, the all-knowing one who is on-high.


  3. I guess the real question, John, “Will I look like God, or will God look like me? No offense, but I wouldn’t want to look like you.

  4. John Sammon says:

    Dear Lissa – You haven’t seen me with gold glitter in my hair.


  5. Hi John,

    You are a funny fellow. You posted your “Why Testicles?” routine on my website, It was great! I’m here to tell you I just posted a critique of it in the “comments” section. Please come back and read my review.


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