Acting with J.D Hall, a Policeman Again

Here I am with J.D. Hall in the Scorpio Rising Theater production of Void Where Prohibited in Los Angeles. I’m playing a sadistic cop once more. Obviously, J.D. gets the drop on me and my hapless assistant. J.D. Hall went on to a sucessful character actor career in Hollywood and provided the voice...

Acting with Logan Ramsey, and George Murdock in the Chicago Conspiracy Trial

Here Here I am in the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble performance of the Chicago Conspiracy Trial in Santa Monica with the late wonderful character actor Logan Ramsey, a 50-year veteran of movies, television and stage. The rough-and-tumble of this scene (I violently shake up Ramsey) was eventually too much...

Deathsport with David Carradine & Claudia Jennings

Here Here I am as a space alien motorcycle biker in the 1978 movie Deathsport starring the late David Carradine, and Playboy Playmate Claudia Jennings. The film was a piece of shit, one of the worst movies of all time. Do you recognize my suit? This was the same suit worn by the apes in the epic movie...

Korea Fight Pics

This photo is of a truce meeting gone wrong at Panmunjom. A mob of North Koreans beat and stomp an American (on the ground at right). If you look closely at the guy on the far left, you can see a North Korean with a cigarette dangling from his mouth participating in the mayhem.e mayhem.

Korea Pics One

This picture shows ancient statues carved circa 1790 (China ruled Korea then) sitting forlornly in a vacant field in the DMZ. I wonder if they have been plowed over to make room for a housing development.    

Korea Pics Two

This shot This photo is of First Platoon at the JSA in Panmunjom. The author of this website is in the center brandishing an M-16.