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John Sammon is a humor writer depending on how creative he is and how he feels on a particular day. He is the author of two brilliant novels largely unknown and unrecognized by the public because the literary hacks who run the publishing houses in New York can’t understand talent.

He is left-handed, reduced to tears easily, clumsy, selfish and a coward, although capable of great bravery when the mood strikes him.

He is one of the world’s great clairvoyants.

John Sammon feels that sex should be like a Popeye cartoon because he finds Olive Oil to be very sexy. He believes himself to be the physical reincarnation of Carl Alfalfa Switzer, the kid with the cowlick on The Little Rascals.

He has a great body (he once tried out for Tarzan with Bo Derek), but is still lucky with his so-far humble writer’s income that his wife puts up with him.

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